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Buy Indian Traditional Mughal Miniature Rajasthani Paintings, specialised squirrel hair miniature art brushes and vasli sheets. Contact for workshops!

Indian Miniature Artist - Shalini Gupta

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Web Store

Traditional transfer/tracing sheet - Wax or Grease Free!


Traditional handmade transfer sheet is prepared using Geru powder and other materials.

Size : A4

You need to place this transfer sheet in between your sketch/design and your painting material (paper/ cloth/ marble/wood) and draw around the outline.

Remove the tradtional transfer sheet and you are left with the perfect image ready to paint.

  • The stains can be easily erased gently with an eraser.
  • Ideal for Design, Illustrations, Crafts and Paintings.
  • Sheet can be reused 2-3 times.

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